These tips are universal no matter your guy is introverted, extroverted or ambiverted!

We've heard enough about ideas like "watch his body languages", "watch his friends" and other ways of guessing.

But you can surely know if you are someone's person of interest based on these things he says to you!

1. "Shower"

Does he text/snap you "sorry I was in a shower", or "I'm gonna talk a shower"?

It's definitely not necessary to mention shower if he's not romantically interested in you.

If he mentions "shower" in your conversation, he wants to leave you fantasizing him being in a shower!

2. "You'll be fine"

If he says "you'll be fine", "you've got this", or "don't worry", he definitely likes you and wants to make you feel ensured and confident.

These words show that he cares about you, including your worried and insecurities.

3. "me too"

"Me too", "same with you".

"same" indicate that he wants you to know that you guys share similarities, which means that you guys might be a good fit.

When your guy says those to you, maybe you want to get ready to hear what he's gonna say next---"We should do that together!" or he might ask you on a date!

4. "We should do that together"

This is a clear indicator that he wants to share experience with you and he thinks you are fun and interesting.

Especially when you are telling him you wanna do something new, exciting and even a little crazy, if he says "we should do that together" or anything like that, he's definitely into you!

5. "I like it how you..."

When he tells you "I like it how you..." or "It's so interesting/amazing how you...", it equals to "I like you!" He is trying to tell you he's interested and what he likes about you!

6. "...I'll see you soon"

Does he end a conversation with "good night and I'll see you tomorrow" or "I'll see you soon" or "talk to you later"?

If yes, he clearly wants to see you and talk to you again!

No matter how shy he is!

7. Affirmation Adverbs

If he uses affirmation adverbs like "of course", "absolutely", "definitely", "sure", "totally", (not ironically) it means he is interested and enjoys your company!

8. He talks to you for no reason

No matter it's text message, snapchat, or a short walk to classes, if he tries to talk to you for no reason, he has a crush on you.

Does he talks to you just to ask about your day?

Does he talks to you just to get to know you better?

Does he initiates contact for non work related reasons?

If the answer is yes, he definitely likes you.