4 Things That Will Make You The Girl That All Guys Want


Ever met someone who is so gorgeous, poised, and confident that all of your guy friends seem to have a crush on her?

Ever wondered why?

Ever wondered how she got that je ne sais quoi?

While we continue to embrace the belief that all women are beautiful and attractive in their own ways, we canโ€™t deny the fact that some girls seem to be more appealing and charming than most of us.

They are the ones who always stand out in crowds and they seem to be the ones men always chase after.

And there comes the question, โ€œHow does she do it?โ€ Or worst, we ask ourselves, โ€œWhatโ€™s wrong with me?โ€

Donโ€™t you worry, girls!

Iโ€™ve talked to some guys closest to me and here are the traits they think that make women desirable in the eyes of men.

1. A Great Personality

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Men love women who always smile.

They go crazy for a girlโ€™s smile โ€“ a genuine and sweet smile for it shows them that she is happy and positive.

They also love women who are kind and not judgmental.

Needless to say, attitude is very important.

Speak politely and treat others with warmth and respect.

If you donโ€™t like something about something, be honest.

Tell him at once, and donโ€™t make an issue out of it.

Having an opinion is different from being rude.

Captivate the men around you with your smile and by wearing something white like this asymmetric layered chiffon blouse.

2. Passion Towards Something

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A woman with a hobby and passion impresses a man in amazing ways.

Be it photography, writing, or sports, men like it because he can easily pull off a surprise for her.

Also, having a hobby gives both of you an opportunity to share and learn with each other.

If youโ€™re into sports, you can invite your guy friends to your next adventure and opt to wear something comfortable and chic like this grey zip-up hooded romper.

3. Pleasant Dress Sense

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Being physically beautiful isnโ€™t everything but we canโ€™t deny the fact that it is very important.

This doesnโ€™t only involve the clothes you wear but it includes your whole physical appearance like hygiene.

Take good care of yourself.

Exercise, eat healthy food, and wear a little makeup.

Choose clothes that look good on you and you are comfortable with.

Guys love women who are well-groomed and confident of themselves.

Pastel colors like baby pink and light blue never fails to prettify a girl.

Put on something like this light pink bodycon midi dress the next time you go out be it for coffee or lunch.

4. Alluring Fragrance

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Boys love it when a girl smells great.

Put on a little but not too much perfume on your wrists, around the neck, behind the ears, and under the collarbone.

Try wearing different fragrances on different occasions.

For example, use a simple citrus cologne for an outdoor activity with your guy or match a floral scent with a red dress for a sweet romantic date night do.

Take note of these ladies, then go and make all those guys go crazy over you!