5 Things To Never Let A Man Try On you


Hello ladies. I know you're probibly wondering, where in the world is this going? Well in case you were thinking dirty things then get those dust bunnies out of your head because it's Lady Talk Tuesday!

Here are a few things to never let a man try on you which basically means to not let a man get away with any of these things because it can strain the relationship and damage any of the foundation that was constructed.

1. lay a hand on you

Ladies listen up! If you ever let a man lay a hand on you and it's his first time, he will not hesitate for seconds. It's a BIG ass sign that is telling you to run especially if he dose't seem to care or it was at the spur of the moment. Even if things got heated and you were wrong, physical abuse should never be used while arguing.You need to stand up for yourself and let him know that it's not acceptable again and never let him get away with it. It can lead to a toxic relationship and nobody really wants that. So be careful and pick up on the signs.

2. Cheating

Cheating shouldn't be tolerated in relationships. You know that old saying, "Once a cheater, Always a cheater"? Sadly that quote is very much accurate. Don't let your man cheat and then forgive him so easily or let it go. I know some men are truly sorry and will never do it again but others would do it again because of the leniency. I also know some men will do it regardless even if you scold but my point is: if he's a jackass don't waste your time for a second try. Clearly he didn't see your value the first time, why should stick with a man like that. Let him know you can do without him. I personally can't because if my man cheats, I'll be constantly wondering if he's doing it again which can drive a girl mad. Major warning signs? Well, Keep your class and dump his ass.

3. Foul names

Don't let him call you foul names if that's not your thing. If you hear it from him let him know immediately (the first time) that you're not okay with that. Today with all the social media and music videos it seems many men just refer to their women as "bitch" but it's disrespectful and degrading, especially if you are uncomfortable with hearing that.

4. lazyness

I don't know how I stress this enough but women! Don't let your man become lazy. It will damage the relationship if you are carrying all the weight and he is just mopping around. Don't let him get started on his walkway to just sitting his ass down especially if he has nothing to do. Encourage him to find something to do or help you out.

5. belittling

If your guy is always there to belittle you in front of his friends or family, sorry to break it to you but he's not the one. Your beau shouldn't be in anyway sharing anything degrading about you with anyone. He should not make harsh fun of you and if he does, let him know on the first blow. If there is anything bothering him about you, he should let you know not letting others in on it as well.


Well ladies I hope that somehow helped. I want you all to know that speaking up to your man about anything can save the relationship. Don't hid the inside! (I love to rhyme)(so cheesy). Conversation is the key unless you know he does something dramatic then I suggest leave immediately the talking can wait.

Leave comments! I would like to know if you agree or disagree or agree and disagree with my list.

Thanks for reading!!