15 Downright Simple Fashion Tricks That Will Change Your Life


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You may not be the ultimate fashion geniuses that you are aiming to be, but we surely load you with the simple day-to-day hacks that will rock your fashion world.

β€œWhen life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.

From scrubbing and polishing dull shoes with household supplies like bananas to removing that husky thrift store odour, we’re here to haul you with super simple fixes for those sticky problems, because well, we’ve all been there at some point in time.


We often find difficulty in ironing the stiff collars, so instead go for your straightening rode that will focus primarily on the collars, supplying heat directly to it making it flatter in no time.


We often experience runs through our tights that are too infuriating to ignore.

Just go about spraying your tights with hairspray before you slip them on to avoid it.


The best and clever way to polish your suede, grab a clean fluffy toothbrush and start scrubbing.


To last long the colour of your denims, skip detergent.

Instead soak them in cold water with one cup of distilled vinegar and air dry.

The vinegar will help retain the colour of the denim plus remove the odour as it dries.


To remove that filthy odour from your shoes, place a dry tea bag in each one and leave it overnight to absorb the smell.


Want to get rid of the stiffness and dryness of your newly bought T-shirt.

Soak them in cold water with a Β½ cup of salt for 3 whole days.

Then put it in the washing machine to clean with a dash of detergent to remove the remnants of the salt.


For those sticky, stubborn and unmoving zippers, rub a candle or a bar of soap or if you want apply little bit oil on the teeth of the zipper until it glides smoothly.


Another way to get that zipper sliding smoothly is to just rub Vaseline or crayon wax on the zipper’s teeth and it will work again in no time.



Get rid of that static cling by gliding the long side of a metal hanger down your clothes, if a dryer sheet isn't working.

It will work.


To get silk laundered at home without damaging the delicate material, soak the silk in a tub full of lukewarm water with a few drops of baby shampoo for 2 hours, and then wash it.


The angora sweaters are the ones that leave its trail everywhere they go.

To minimize the shedding, Put the fabric in a sealed bag and throw it in the freezer overnight.

It will help lock the fibre thus reduce the shedding.


To soften itchy woollen sweaters, soak them in the tub full of lukewarm water with one table spoon hair conditioner.

Rinse thoroughly and then air dry.


The makeup removing wet wipes are your savoir in case you end up having makeup on your clothes too.

The trick is to use the wipe right way and wipe out the stain from the soiled area very gently.


Give your gold ornaments their shine back by wiping them gently with a cloth soaked in mild beer.

Yes its surprise to quite few people, but beer is often used as a gold cleaner.


In case of silver, put them in a bowl filled with tomato ketchup for 5 to 10 minutes.

Gently wipe the ketchup off with a clean toothbrush, rinse the jewellery in warm water and your silver looks brand new again.


For Crystal Jewellery use Vodka.

Its works as an excellent cleaner.

But be very careful: Alcohol will damage any gemstone that isn’t a crystal.



The perfect trick to get rid of red wine stains is by way of using white wine.

White wine counteracts red wine and makes removal of red wine stains a piece of cake.


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