Say you're busy this week This will keep him around.

And keep him thinking what your are doing.

He will want to be around you more often if you keep saying your busy.

Dont say it all the time though.


When you're texting him Keep your text short and sweet.

Always, i mean always be the one you says 'i have to go.

I'll text you later,' it keeps him wanting more.


No make-up I know, I know.

But most men like their crush to be natural.

So not wearing make-up for one day isn't going to kill you!

If he ask you on a date, wear no make-up at all.

Just go natural, and he will see your beautiful features.

4.Do not be negative We all have done this before.

Men want strong, positive, and inspiring woman.

Be positive all the time.


Be truthful No one likes a liar.

If you made something up about you, to make him want you.

Dont do it cause it will bite you in the butt later on.


Be yourself No one likes a FAKER.

Especially men, they want a girl not to be all about lies.

They like you because of you being yourself.

When a man falls for a faker...

He gets heartbroken.


He thinks you look beautiful We try to lose weight all the time.

We do not have to exercise all the time.

We can do it once or twice a week to keep weight off.

Men likes any shape, size, and height of a woman.

He likes you because you got curves or slim body.

He will say you look beautiful just the way you are.


Say "can you walk me to my car?" Men want to be your hero.

Say "will you stay with me for awhile?" he will stay with you if you're scared or something.


Be fun 10.

Flirt a little 11.

Be open This is just part one.

Part 2 will be out later on!