10 Ways to Wear Leggings as Pants


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Leggings are always considered casual loungewear staple equivalent to sweatpants, but people are now involving it as the versatile piece of wardrobe.

From a bomber leather jacket and Yeezys to a faux fur jacket and gladiator heels, you can switch to any mood when it comes to style with ease.

Let’s scroll through the ways for all the motivation you need to wear leggings as pants.

Here we go!


It’s all about right proportion at right places.

Team up high waist leggings with a fitted below the bust crop top with a long trench coat.


To heat up the look go for a brazen print or a sheer/laced see through side panelled design with Yeezeys and a fitted Jacket.


For an elongated and streamlined appearance, pair up leggings with the black turtle neck camisole.

Go monochrome for the added affect.


For an illusion of few extra inches vertically, team up leggings with the ankle boots.

It will surely do the trick.


For a Classy rock chic biker babe look, bundle up leather jacket and a cool pair of sunglasses along with it.


For a pitch perfect polished look, team up faux fur coat, sunglasses and a statement bag.


Don’t give a second thought to adorning pumps being worn with leggings.

They gel perfectly to give you that classy 80s look.


To give boost to that sporty Athleisure trend, throw on a bomber jacket for an easy-breezy look.


Leather leggings are flattering when styled with dressier pieces of garment, like an oversized pinstripe blazer or a jacket.


Leggings are considered perfect alternative for black tights and jeans.

Wear them under your dress for an added layer of warmth and coverage.

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