How to apply Liquid Eyeliner like a Pro


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Donning liquid eyeliner is one of the most challenging makeup skills to learn and master.

You navigate through style magazines, fashion portals admiring beauty gurus and celebs parading with their, to the perfection cat-eye winged eyeliners and wonder: How the hell did they pull that off?

Magic wand!

Magic Spell!

People to earth!

There are few core liquid eyeliner pointers that differentiate between a perfect eyeliner job and an amateur one.

Letโ€™s take a glance at some of the easy-queasy tips on how to master the perfect liquid eyeliner flick like a pro.

1. Right Applicator

Just like you donโ€™t bother to use the sleazy make up brush that joins your blush compact, donโ€™t feel compelled to use the felt tip applicator that comes with your liquid eyeliner.

In a nutshell, if youโ€™re comfortable with your felt tip and have been using it for a long time, then continue.

If not, switch for a separate tool.

2. Be Symmetrical

Sounds easy, but difficult to achieve!

No worries, thereโ€™s a symmetry technique anyone can accomplish.

Make sure you keep your eye open, not wide open, just open and relaxed.

Many women make the slipup of closing one eye while application, but it is preferred not do it, only if you are not a fan of bumpy, smudgy asymmetrical eyeliner.

With your both eye open, put your eyeliner at a 45degree angle, extending it from your bottom lash line.

Once youโ€™ve painted your angle, now draw a line across the lid from the inner corner out, uniting to the tip of the angle.

Then fill in the middle of the outline.

With each application youโ€™ll master perfect symmetrical winged eyeliner.

3. No Tugging

This is one of the most done mistakes when applying liquid eyeliner.

When you stretch your eyelid during application it causes the skin to rebound to its original state when you let it go taking an ounce of liner with it.

The outcome, bumpiness, smudges and even eyeliner.

What you should actually be doing is to leave your eyes open and relaxed.

Anchor your elbows against the mirror so you can swivel with it as the applicator sweeps over lid.

This allows the application tool to master its job.

4. Know your Eye shape

Take a note, the classic cat eye eyeliner, isnโ€™t classy on every eye shape.

Just like our figure, eye lids also comes in all shapes and sizes โ€“ round, almond, monolid and hooded.

The classic design looks flattering on almond and rounded eyes, since it gives enough area to work on.

On the other hand itโ€™ll get smudgy on those with hooded eyes or monolids.

Try a tight sweep across your top lashes with a tiny wing pointed upwards at the outer corner.

5. Patience

Be very calm and patience when youโ€™re doing your eye job, thatโ€™s the easiest way to pull off that liquid liner game.

Set aside good 5-10 minutes to make it right.

Hurrying up will only result in a complete mess.

So know your eye shape, study its contours thoroughly and paint it to perfection.

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