7 possible reasons why he won't reply


1. You could be over thinking it

You know the "gtg" message has like 1000 different meanings in a chick's head such as "he doesn't want to talk to me" or "he is talking to another chick".

We all need to learn to stop over thinking.

The danger is that you could take it too far and scare him off for good!

2. He likes you better in person

This can happen a lot, from a "lol" compared to "AHAHAHAHAHAHA".

People are really different through text so maybe he likes you more in person!

3. simple as it sounds.. he might have forgotten?

Guys are like this...they are really forgetful, so expecting him to reply after every message is really putting faith in a man!

4. He's with his mates

Guys can't multitask, they can't burp, fart, eat, drink, laugh and text at the same time, so when they're with their guy friends, the most likely outcome is that they will put there phone down!

5. He might not have seen your text in the first place

Now I know this sounds stupid but I actually was told this from a guy.

Even if your message or text says "seen" underneath it he might not have noticed it.

This may sounds stupid yes, but, well, guys aren't always that straight forward!

6. He might not be that into you

There is often a chance that he's just not that into you, however try not to assume this straight away because guys can be really, well, stupid.

But even if this is the case, you should stop stressing over why he isn't replying and text someone who is worth your time!

7. If he doesn't reply, don't show him sorrow

Common messages girls send a guy are: "hello?" "y don't u talk" "just leave me hanging!" "HELLO!" "r u still there"...the list goes on!

Make a conscious effort to stop the continuous messages as these can make you appear needy, thirsty, lonely, clingy or annoying.

Also, it very well may scare him off and he will start to not reply to your messages on purpose.