Fair Deal For Feet


Busy girls, constantly on the go, often to forget their feet, and that's such a pity. You need nice feet to dance all night with wings on your heels, or take a long walk without yearning to kick off your shoes.

So do try to give your feet a fair deal, if you don't already do so. These step-by-step pointers will help you. Put them to regular use and you'll be delighted at the pleasing results.

1. First Step is to realize that it CAN happen to you, having nice feet, that is.

Wishing won't make it so (we've all heard about that one), but willing can.

2. Step away from ill-fitting shoes.

The ideal shoe, as every chiropodist will tell you, grips the heel, allows plenty of toe space, and has a supporting strap or laces over the instep.

What most feet get, especially now, is a court shoe with a narrow, pointed vamp into which the toes must literally be crowded, plus a high stiletto heel which throws the foot forward.

Standing for any length of time in such shoes is torture, and real walking in them is impossible. But as the foot experts know that girls will go on wearing fashionable shoes, however uncomfortable, they give this advice:

(1) Get your feet measured each time you buy shoes; similar sizes vary because of style and cut.

(2) Change your heel height at least once a day so that all your foot muscles get a chance to work.

(3)Keep high - fashion shoes for special occasions.

(4)Avoid casual sloppy shoes as a '"change", they're almost as bad for your feet. Remember that stockings can distort feet as much as shoes. Be certain of correct sizing here, too.

3. Feet need exercise, and walking is as good as anything.

If your toes function properly, then the chances are that your whole foot is working properly.

Here are some exercises to keep the toes active:

(1) Spread out your toes and try to make each one behave separately as if it were a finger. Point each toe in turn to give it flexibility and control.

(2) Draw up your toes in a knuckling movement, first with the toes held down to the floor, then with your foot raised.

(3) Sit on a chair high enough to let your legs dangle and turn each foot inwards towards the leg, this helps to strengthen the inner arch of the foot.

(4) Rise slowly on tiptoes, then lower yourself gradually. Follow by tiptoe walking in bare feet.

4. Step up your normal beauty duties.

If, for example, you usually give yourself a pedicure once a fortnight, change it to a weekly treatment for a while, and if they are needed get to work with softening and smoothing agents.

Smooth down thick, horny toenails by buffing them slightly with an emery-board. Small patches of hard skin can be smoothed with pumice-stone; rub gently on the sole of the foot, remembering to put a little soap on the stone first.

Any good hand cream used regularly will improve the skin of your feet, but for rough heels and scaly sides try a body cream.

Allow at least five minutes to work the lubricant into the instep and the sole of the foot, and smooth each toe separately. Don't forget to "do" your cuticles, too, while you are about it.

Since the high fashion in makeup currently extends right down to the tips of your toes, you might pick up a lacquer brush and try tracing your toenails with color. Go lightly and carefully with it and be sure to match the shade to your lipstick and fingernails. If the color becomes you, test out one of the new coral lipsticks with nail lacquer to tone. It can be deliciously flattering.

Feet with serious defects or blemished with corns and the like need expert attention. Never puncture blisters that you may be unfortunate enough to raise on the feet. Dab them with antiseptic, then cover with a small pad of cotton wool and leave until they break. Then dab with more antiseptic and keep covered until healed.