5 Steps to Amazingly Clear Skin ...


We all have fought the battle for clear #skin.

However, sometimes we make it harder on ourselves than it has to be.

Most of us break out when we're #stressed or hormonal.

You can prevent these #breakouts and keep unhealthy skin at bay with this simple nighttime routine!

Not only does it get rid of blemishes, it makes your skin extremely soft and healthy.

Although this #routine is most effective when performed in the evening, it can be done in the morning if that is what you prefer.

Remember that everyone's skin is different, so if you need to tweak the routine to fit your skin and #lifestyle, that is 100% ok.

1. Cleansing Pt. 1

Use oil!

I know it sounds weird, but #oil actually helps get rid of oil-based impurities.

Massage the oil into your skin until your entire face is covered well.

You can use any facial oil, but I like to use coconut oil or jojoba oil.

This step begins the cleaning process.

2. Cleansing Pt. 2

Next is #water and a cleanser of your choice!

Wash your face until the oil and #cleanser are gone, then dry with a towel.

This step finishes removing excess dirt and oils that your face has acquired over the day.

3. Exfoliating

For this step, you can use either a spin #brush or a classic exfoliating #scrub.

You could even make your own diy sugar scrub.

Use the scrub as you normally would, or use the spin brush with water.

Since this step can hurt your skin, it might be a good idea to only include it 2-3 times a week, or at whatever intervals your skin can handle.

This step gets rid of dead skin cells.

4. Moisturizing Pt. 1

Use a #serum.

Because serums are very condensed, you only need to use a little bit for it to be effective.

Serums can be extremely expensive!

This is a major drawback.

There is a serum from Trader Joe's that is only $9.99, and I have found it to work nearly as well as more expensive varieties.

This step adds #nutrients into your skin.

5. Moisturizing Pt. 2

Use a facial #lotion.

It is important to do this step after using the serum, and not before, because lotion can make a barrier that will prevent the vitamins in the serum from reaching your skin cells effectively.

This step seals in the #moisture and prevents your skin from drying out.


What do you think of this #routine?

Will you try it?

Good luck achieving your baby #soft skin!