9 Reasons Summer Is The BEST Time To Be Single



You’ve probably got a summer getaway planned, and being single means you can indulge in a guilt-free holiday romance (or two).


You’ll find yourself going out a LOT more than you do in those cold winter months, because it’s lighter out much longer, and it’s warmer and generally nicer, therefore EVERYONE is happier.

It sounds crazy, but it’s true.

Your work colleagues will ask you out for drinks more, you’ll plan fun road trips on the weekend with your besties;

and who knows who you might bump into along the way?


Due to the heat, you’ll be wearing a little less, and are bound to draw far more attention to your beautiful self than you would wrapped up in that chunky scarf and granny cardigan.

Guys go crazy for girls in cute little dresses instead of jeans any day.


This is music festival season, and you never know who’s eye you’re going to catch when you’re rocking out in the mosh pit, covered in someone else’s piss.


You’ve been working for the past 6 months on your bikini bod, and it is finally HERE and looking DAMN FINE.

Why would you want to waste that on one man?


When the sun is shining, people leave the buildings they are usually confined to and go and soak up the vitamin D.

This means that you will see so many more hotties around than you usually do.

I can’t tell you where they’ve been hiding, but the important thing is, they’re here now.


It’s far easier to stick to that diet when it’s hot, because your body will naturally want less food and more fluids = you’ll feel AMAZING, and we all know that when you feel positive and good about yourself, you look one hundred times more attractive (regardless of the clothes &

make-up you have on).


Everyone has a healthy glow/tan to them, and let’s face it, almost everyone looks better with a sparkly glow.

It’s not just pale people I’m singling out here either – my Jamaican friend told me that even she hits the sunbeds in the month of January because her skin looks a little too pasty for her liking…


Because being single is fucking awesome, and really, you don’t need a man EVER.

Not in the winter, and definitely not in the summer.