Are you in peace?

What exactly is this



Different persons different opinions and mindsets.

I am going to tell you few ways how i found my inner PeaceπŸ˜‰


Go by this sentence in life

" Peace or else piece piece"

This is a pretty simple one.

Just cut out thoughts,people,events whatever it may be.Be it your clothes that you dislike or those shoes that u hate.Out are these to be chucked and peace out by making pieces of them :P


Yayyyy is what i shout out the moment i think about it.

Feeling not so peaceful?

Just Shop!

Afterall this is one common thing to women all over the world.Be it your favourite meal ingredients or just a small thing like a lip balm.Shopping can make u feel happy.

If too lazy to do that online is the best option😁


Block all your anger & emotions for a day.

Just try and stay blank about everything.And during this period turn on your tv watch a movie and eat anything u love

This is a great stressbuster and surely will give u peace and happiness