The choice of hard work



Why are we so obsessed with work?

When you are not in your place of work someone is asking you about your place of work. We are a work obsessed society if you have not worked for it someone somewhere will not give you the level of respect they would to someone who did.

It's as though we idolise the work more than the destination.

I think we have gotten carried away with the idea of work so much so that some of us will choose a goal that has an extended working period over the one with less even though the destination is the same just so we can say we worked hard for it.

sayings like "nothing comes easy" and " if its not worth fighting for then its not worth having" are all just reminiscent that we tend to believe everything requires blood sweat and tears when I do not believe it has to be so.

Have you ever considered that maybe if you are having to fight for it then maybe its really not worth having and that sometimes if its not coming easy its because its not coming at all?

Sayings like nothing comes easy can be character building but when you live a life where people constantly drum in your head that hard work is compulsory in any and everything what kind of psychology do you shape your brain in.

How many opportunities have you missed because "it seemed too easy" or "there must be a catch"?

why do we choose to attach work to every experience?

motherhood is hard work, marriage is hard work, work is hard work, a simple altering of vocabulary can make an experience so different like using the work maintenance.

perhaps saying marriage is maintenance would make the experience a little bit more appealing to the easy goers of life.

Some people are put off by everything seeming like such hard work, how does telling a first time parent that parent hood is hard work going to comfort them?

The belief you go into an experience with is the experience you will undergo.

There are people who feel they have to hide their privileges because they wont be viewed the same but doesn't every parent do their best to create as many privileges for the future of their kids as possible?

How can that very kid grow into comfortable adulthood when the world will give him daggers for the initiative of their parent?

It seems to me that people give more respect to those that do not give them what they want as opposed to those who do, especially when it comes to relationships because what people are really looking for now is the pain and bumps along the road and if its not there at the beginning or somewhere in the middle of the process then some will refuse to acknowledge it.

How many times has someone stepped out of marriage and had to WORK for it in order to get it back?

How many times have the words "there must be a catch" been uttered

How many times have those who are not in WORK been criticized

Its the way we have programmed our minds if it doesn't include some kind of sweat its not worth having. Nothing will ever come easy to you if you do not want it easy, its the law of attraction you think therefore you are.

Maybe if the person did not begin their marriage believing it not to be easy they would have been able to enjoy it as opposed to subconsciously self sabotage because someone told them it would be hard, so they turned their marriage into hard work to recreate what they always thought marriage to be. Hard work.

Take it easy on the kid at the playground who is privileged, accept the compliment, accept the opportunity, he/she may seem too perfect but yes he/she is your lover do not complicate things by looking for a challenge, if it comes deal with it.

Life is as easy as you want it to be but can be as hard work as you choose it to be.