Benefits of Breast Feeding that Is Something Every Parent Must Know



New mothers feel a great sense of emotional bonding in a physical contact with their babies.

During breastfeeding, mother’s body releases hormones like Prolactin which brings about peace in mindand develops a nurturing sensation.

Prolactin also keeps the mother more relaxed and the oxytocin hormone makes the motherget closer to tender baby’s need.Here, are some of the benefits that should be read by every parent.

Breast Feeding Benefits for Babies:

οƒ˜ Breast milk contains proteins, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, and minerals in a right proportion.

οƒ˜ A baby can digest human milk better than formula food.

οƒ˜ Breast milk protects your child from allergies because the milk contains antibodies.

οƒ˜ Colostrum, the first milk of a mother forms a coating in baby’s digestive system and this prevents the growth of harmful bacteria.

Colostrumis most important for the prematurely born babies.

οƒ˜ Breastfed babies develop high IQ levels and they show excellent academic performance.

οƒ˜ Research says breast milk is good for the first six months of baby and it is good for the baby if mothers breastfeed until the completion of 2 years.

οƒ˜ Working mothers can express milk by hand or breast pump and allow caregiver to feed it.

οƒ˜ Human milk is good for the baby as it is free from pollution.

Breast Feeding Benefits for Mothers:

οƒΌ Women who have practiced breastfeeding have less chances of contracting breast cancer as much as 25 percent only.

οƒΌ Lactating mothers have less estrogen levels.

This helps to stimulate the uterus lining and breast tissue and therefore there is a less chance of contracting uterine or ovarian cancer.

οƒΌ In the postmenopausal years, women who have never breastfed are likely to suffer from hip fractures and the chances are four times more than the breast-feed mothers.

οƒΌ As breastfeeding causes a delay in the ovulation, if the mothers provide breast-feeding for 6 months to 2 years then there are chances of child spacing.

οƒΌ Breastfeeding mothers can experience good emotional health as they show less postpartum anxiety and depression.

οƒΌ Breastfeeding mothers can get back to pre-pregnant weight due to postpartum weight loss.

οƒΌ Mothers may opt to formula feed their babies but the American Academy of Pediatrics say, save400 dollars over formula-feed food during the first year of breastfeeding.

However, breastfeeding is natural, learning to breastfeed may take a little time and with a bit of patience mothers can learn to nurture babies easily.

You can take assistance from public/private health nurses, lactation consultants, doctors, midwife, and experienced breastfeeding mothers.

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