how to make him crazy for you


1. have a memorable conversation

Talk about sports, video games, movies or whatever he is into.

Every man LOVES ( like really really loves) a girl who shows interest in his interests.

Even if you don't like watching basketball games or Star Trek, he will appreciate the effort you have put in.

2. have that long,romantic eye contact

Recently, i read an article that says the things girls find romantic guys fin romantic.


All girls love that long,romantic eye contact and guys do too!

After trying #1 for 20-40 minutes, look into his eyes and if your brave, try sliding your hand towards his.

3. whisper

Sexy and romantic, boys love when girls whisper.

For an odd reason it turns them on and will drive them crazy!

He will be so excited for your next accouter!

4. confidence

All boys go crazy for a girl who has confidence.

what boys do not like is insecure or arrogant girls.

Balance how much confidence you have.

Confident girls help their man grow and bring out their own confidence.

5. laughs along with him

A girl who will laugh along with him is a man's true love.

It is the same with us girls too.

A girlfriend who has a sense of humor and laughs along with him will never think of leaving you anytime soon.

Be careful not to laugh at everything or he will think you are a fake.

6. is friends with his friends

To drive a boy crazy, being friends with his friends will make him not just crazy but will make him think of you constantly and he might ask you out!

So hang around,laugh,goof off, play video games with his friends.

Hope this helped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!