Five Signs That You're A Strong, Independent Woman


Every together woman likes to think that they are strong and independent but when it really comes down to it, not all of us are being honest with ourselves, nor living to our full potential. You might have your own idea of what that phrase actually means but perhaps you are focussing on the wrong things. Here are five sure signs that you really are a strong, independent woman:

1. You Do Care What Other People Think

You might think that being independent means not caring what other people think of you but this is not true. Being independent does not mean cutting yourself off from the feelings of others, or does it mean distancing ourselves and not forming bonds with those with whom we share our lives. No man is an island, nor woman neither. Being a strong, independent person means absolutely caring about what other people think and taking that into consideration before agreeing or disagreeing with those thoughts and making informed decisions. We should not let other people dictate our lives but we should listen to them and as always, communication is key.

2. You Take Charge of Your Life

When you are truly strong and independent, you have taken charge of every element of your own life. You will listen and care but ultimately, you are the boss when it comes to your own destiny. This means looking closely at what you put into and onto your body, making ethical choices and considering the whole world and your place in it. Taking charge is not only about being boss, it is also about taking responsibility. The buck stops with you. Do you take responsibility for every element of your life, considering the consequences of everything you do, from shopping to relationships to producing household waste? A strong, independent woman takes all her choices on the chin and has really taken control of everything in her life.

3. You Can Do Things Yourself

When taking charge of her life, a strong, independent woman makes sure that she has useful skills that mean that she does not have to rely on other people to meet her needs. Of course you cannot be perfect at everything, but a woman should do her best to gain useful life skills like cooking and carpentry, sewing and car mechanics, gardening and DIY. When you can do things yourself, you can live more sustainably and can take not just survive, but thrive.

4. You Let Yourself Learn From Life

A strong, independent woman knows that there is no 'perfect woman', no pinnacle that she must strive to attain. You understand that there is no finished product, that life is simply a striving, a catalogue of mistakes and minor victories. She knows that being better is simply a question of letting yourself learn from life – using mistakes to make progress as a person, instead of repeating them.

5. You Let Yourself Learn From Life

When you are truly a strong and independent woman, you dare to dream. You imagine a better future and then forge your path towards it, perhaps daunted by any obstacles that lie in your path but not afraid to try to conquer them and confident enough to believe that you can. Check MissBella out for Cheap Womens Clothes