Little Short Dress


Where I am located, the weather is quite chilly, but it's something about that little, fitted, short dress and your favorite pumps that makes me wanna take a risk in this chilly weather!

"Fashion Nova" is giving me the chills with this little pick me up here! Loving this style everything about this black and white is "life". I mean in 48degree weather you wouldn't dare do it, but when you are having that "fashionista" short dress getting who knows, throwing this with a nice fur coat could add all the warmth needed!

Again "Fashion Nova" is giving sass! Ladies now who wouldn't try this cute, sexy style on a night out on the town! Yes preferably in a bit of warmer weather! But go ahead and check out "FashionNova" out and see what other styles they have to suite you for your must have January look! Or who know many seasons to come πŸ€—πŸ˜˜