People everywhere have an image engraved in their mind of what is beauty. That image has been planted and varies by person, we were not born with these images. To find true beauty you must begin within. Being an individual is the most beautiful part of being human. Unlike animals and "things", we have the power to evolve and understand the worlds truths. But before we can enjoy what the world has to offer we must conquer our own beauty, our individuality.

1. Embrace Yourself

1.Embrace Yourself The moment you decided to be YOU is the day you become beautiful. You can not give the power of your happiness to anyone else; love is beauty. YOU need to love yourself because no one knows "you" better then YOU!

2. Don't judge

By judging another person you are not doing anything but judging your character! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If someone has the power to be themselves and dare to be different you should admire them because in a self absorbed, superficial world it is that much harder to stand alone. Be better then the people who judge YOU

3. Live by your standards

Do not live on account of others. Create your own happiness. Live life however YOU want to, use your imagination. The only thing in life we have full control over is our mind, dont give others complete power over YOU!

4. Believe in your beauty

If you do not believe in your beauty how can anyone else? Your Beauty starts with YOU!!