Spending a day in bed with my boyfriend.


If you follow my personal blog, you've probably read (in detail) about how me and my Current boyfriend Ninja Turtle #nicknames came to be.

Its a long story that revolves around sex, BUT now that we're in a relationship (genuinely felt weird thinking, writing, or saying that) but he recently said to me, in the car, we should spend a day together and i thought, hmm that'd be wonderful.

So the next morning i texted him just that, i said "Spending a day in bed with you would be amazing" he texted me back saying, "agreed, you should write about it".

So i am, of course i'm gonna give you guys the PG-13 version lol.

my personal blog will probably be more detailed.

Enjoy :)


I would love any and all suggestions!!

1. Location! Location! Location!

I've given this alot of thought, like alot.

And where i would want this to happen it would have to be a hotel type setting, somewhere neutral, where hes not home and neither am i?


if you've read my blog you would know that he still lives with his ex *sips tea*.

But a hotel room with a king bed and a big window :) and a nice big shower .

2. Food

Ninja Turtle eats like a pregnant women with endless vitamins.

I eat a shitload too.

we would have to get there either the night before or early in the morning, because Breakfast Is Everything.

So in my hopes of hope, we would have breakfast in bed.

Then a big ass lunch maybe like picnic style definitely mac and cheese, and then a sushi buffet for dinner :) (can anyone say groupon!)

3. activities

Sex, Sex everywhere, in the shower, on the floor, on the wall on every and any table that's there, in the elevator.

Just a crap load of sex.

till we both feel like dying, then we'll sleep and start again.


Movies and talking are welcome as well.


4. Drinks.

Alcohol shall flow, but also hot chocolate and other things that you drink to make yourself feel warm and happy

5. OUtfit

Naked T shirts etc.

lol uggs if neccesary

6. quality time

Due to the reason of how we got together there will always be this nagging thought in the back of my mind.

Like is it for the sex or is it genuinely me?

whether we bone all the time or not, its what we due in the time in between is what makes the difference.

and spending a day with someone is something that you do to make sure the chemistry you feel is real.

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