Sweet Potato French Fries :) Paired With Refeshing Chicken Salad :)


1. Cut your sweet potatoes!

It took me a while but I mastered cutting the Sweet potatoes, Make sure they're thing and long.

Use a sharp small knife to even them up!

2. salty goodness

Put together 1 spoon of cinnamon, 1 spoon, 1 spoon of brown sugar, two spoons of Garlic and 4 spoons of Creole seasoning powder :)

3. Rub me down :)

Add three table spoons of olive oil and one table spoon of vegetable oil

4. Its getting hot in heree

Heat your oven up to 426 degrees fahrenheit 218 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lool i hope you enjoy my oven :)

5. all oiled up and ready to go!

Drizzle oil on the potatoes and coat with seasoning, then put it in the oven, preferably the middle rack :)

6. Cooking time

Depending on how thick you've cut your potatoes the time can vary between 12-16 minutes.

I put my in on 16 but could probably have gotten away with 14 degrees.

flip them over and then cook for 8-12 minutes.

7. Yumm


Paired with Refreshing chicken Salad and Avocado.

and Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce.