8 Ways to make your hair grow :)


Hair advice for all ethnicities :)

1. Water solves everything!

Water is the essential of life, without water there is no life.

Water is the root source of energy for each and every cell of our body.

It includes those cells too, that are responsible for hair growth and its health.

Drinking enough water can also help you get rid of dandruff and hair thinning problem.

2. Vitamins :)

Taking a multivitamin is one way to cover your nutritional gaps, as long as you’re using a whole food supplement that uses food sources for the vitamins and not a synthetic multivitamin.

If you really want to give your hair the best chance of success you should go with a supplement that is geared toward hair growth.

3. Leave it alone!

Wigs Weave Braids anything!

Less Manipulation: This is one of the ultimate pros of wearing a weave.

Manipulation of your natural tresses is drastically reduced which can guarantee retaining more length.

Easier Transitioning: Though short hair is extremely beautiful and sexy as hell.

For women who do not consider transitioning as an option, the Big Chop can be a scary plunge if one prefers longer lengths or is use to a certain look.

True confidence comes from within but a weave can provide an easier transitioning period for a woman who may be debating on eliminating straightening chemicals and going through with the Big Chop.

More Time Management: Unlike myself, let’s face it, not everyone is completely satisfied with only manipulating their hair once a week.

Many naturals want more variety during the week concerning hairstyles.

Weaves can provide constant manipulation without the stress on your tresses.

Weaves also provide a great option for a highly active lifestyle.

Assists in

Patience of Growth: Weaves can assist in patience of growing your natural hair since your focus is taken away because daily contact with your natural hair is now eliminated which can control your urges in grabbing that measuring tape every 5 seconds to progress new growth.

Protection from the Elements: Your weave has now become the cloak of protection for your hair, automatically resistant from harsh elements such as weather, too much sun exposure, and materials from clothing that can cause friction to natural strands.

If wearing 100% human hair you now have the freedom to use heat based appliances without fear of damage to your natural strands.

Change: Cut and color with ease.

Experimenting with color and cut while wearing a weave is a safe and easy way to play around with different looks.

4. have a schedule for washing

5. stay away from heat

When growing out your hair, styling options can become a little limited, but finding a way to give your hair a break from heat styling can really be advantageous.

Flat irons, blow dryers, and curling irons can really cause damage to your hair, breaking the strands you’re working so hard to grow.

As much as possible, find a way to style your hair without heat.

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6. eat meat :)

Add iron and protein to your diet, they are the two basic elements required for hair growth.

Also, add foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, Vitamin A and C.

All of these strengthen hair follicles.

7. Make sure its moisturized and not greasy

If your hair is naturally dry, it will always be dry because added moisture is temporary.

For some naturals, hair can be dry as a result of using certain products e.g a drying shampoo and eliminating that product is able to restore moisture.

However, the vast majority of people with natural hair, will tend to have naturally dry hair.

The reason why the term moisture routine exists is because adding water to hair and keeping it around and in the shaft with oils and moisturisers is a task that has to be repeated several times as hair switches from its moisturised state to its default dry state.

The only way to influence the level of water trapped inside your hair or on its surface without physically adding water to it is to change the external environment – i.e high humidity = moisture heaven.

8. know your gene pool :)

The length your hair will grow to is determined by how long it will stay in the anagen or growth phase.

In order to get to APL/BSL, on average you will need your hair to keep growing for 2-3 years.

In order to get to waist or hip length, you will need your hair to keep growing for 4-5 years on average.

Simply put, your genes will determine whether or not your hair will keep growing and there is pretty much nothing that you can do to change that.

Although many people quote the hair growth phase as lasting 2-6 years, the truth is that mathematical calculations estimate that an average normal growth phase may be as long as 12-14 years (J Cosmet Sci, pp 367-378, 2003).

This would correspond to around ankle length for many.

It would therefore be actually more accurate to say long hair is genetic and most people are genetically disposed to grow very long hair.