Order of Application


If you are wondering how to put on basic makeup then here is the order of Application step by step. Before starting putting anything on make sure you put on moisturizer.

1. Primer

Start off by using primer. You start off at the center of you face and work your way through by using your fingers, make sure you didn't make it to heavy.

not to heavy.

2. Eyeshadow

Eye shadow is the next thing you do, this really depends on your eye shape because everyone has different eye shapes. But before you apply any you apply an eye primer so your eyeshadow can be better. You add color to the eyelid first and then you work your way into the crease and always use a light color when reaching the top of your eye.

3. Eyeliner

There's different ways to do your eyeliner. But you start off with the inner corner of your eye and start connecting it to the outter corner of your eye. Create a wing if you prefer.

4. Mascara

If necessary you curl your lashes first if you have straight lashes. Then you can apply any mascara you want by brushing your lashes like a comb, do this at least 2-3 times after you finish for it to dry (Prevent clumps) you can use an eyelash comb to take out all the clumps. if you have straight lashes like me you can either use any Regular mascara first and then use waterproof on top of your first mascara so you can make it stay.

5. Eyebrows

Before you start make sure you get the right color of your eyebrows , you want to make them to look real and natural! You can use a pencil or eyebrow gel. I prefer the eyebrow gel, but use any one that you feel more comfortable with. You start off with brushing your eyebrows up with an eyebrow comb so you can actually find the shape of your eyebrows and then just fill in any space that needs to be filled in, after that you comb back down your hairs and you're done :).


To apply foundation you need to have the right skin tone color. You can start by using your fingers and putting dots on your face and then blend it out using a beauty blender or you can just start off by applying it with a foundation brush and blending it out with that.

7. Concealer

For the concealer you need to have a color just a little more lighter then your normal skin tone. You apply this on your under eyes and your forehead and other places like your chin and blend it out using a blending brush.

8.Powder foundation

Again, for this one you make the same color as your skin tone and you put this on by using a powder brush and just slighting pad it around your face to set the foundation and concealer.

9. Bronzer/ highlighting/ contouring

When you are applying bronzer you put it on your cheek bones and your forehead and your nose. For contouring you apply it on your under eyes and your forehead. Highlighting is on your cheeks to give the shine. You blend it using a beauty blender

10. Blush

You then add blush, this one is not that hard you just add it on your cheeks in a circular motion. Make sure you don't add to much

11. Lipstick

You can apply any lipstick according to the makeup you have on like your eyeshadow make sure it matches

12. Setting spray

After you finish putting all your makeup on you Put on a setting spray , not to close to your face though and spray at least 5 times for your Makeup to stay on the whole day !