What every woman should carry in their purse


If you're a woman who loves to carry a purse , then here are some really important things you should have in there !

1. Perfume/Deodorant

You need to always carry perfume and a deodorant. After a long day of being out you might get a little sweaty and get some odor. That's why you always need to carry some for this type of situation.

2. Tampon/Pads

Even when you're not on your monthly you still need to Always carry one or two of these just incase of an emergency. Try avoiding these embarrassing moments.

3. Phone

Bring your phone with you at all times. Keep it in your bag so you won't lose it or forget it anywhere else. A phone is really important for any type of emergency.

4. Wallet

So you can put all of your money and cards in so your money won't be all over the place!