Why Falling In Love Is Scary.


Recently, I had the guy that I've had feelings for, for almost a year.

look me in the eyes and tell me that he wanted me.

He didn't just want the physical aspect, that he's been getting but he wanted to be with me he wanted a serious monogamous relationship.

I looked at him and I what i haven't felt in a very long time..

i felt like i loved him, I felt like i could trust him, I felt like I wanted him to be mine and i wanted to be his, but I told him I couldn't, I couldn't express my feelings.

I was scared...


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1. You don't want to feel your feelings

Most people think, that as females we are in tuned to our feelings.

But, not everyone is we're human beings after all.

It's possible, you just need to first identify your feelings, and accept that you have them.

whether you're ready to express them or not.

There your feelings express them.


2. You've been hurt.

You have relationship PTSD.

It happens life gets down you sometimes.

You meet someone he's perfect but you cant help but think about the fact the last time you had this feeling you were hurt..

and you don't know if you can deal with that.

3. you can't communicate

Now this isnt me saying that you're deaf, or illiterate or anything of the sort.

This is simply the fact that you cant communicate your feelings.

This is something that i cant do, Ever.

i try and try and try with all my might, but unless i have some shots or some glasses of something that's more then 40% proof, im not gonna be able to tell you how i feel.

Its in there trust me.

I just need some tequila to edge it out.

4. your inner voice is loud as hell

Your inner voice is something that tells you how you feel sometimes your inner voice is loud and uncontainable, sometimes its comforting and sometimes it just this quiet soft spoken voice.

Some people call it your conscious some people call it your inner voice.

Its probably yelling at you to run like hell and you might be inclined to believe it.

5. you fear the inevitabilities of a relationship.

Whenever there's a beginning there's an end.

You're scared of the ending of the what you want.

You're waiting for the break up, You're waiting for him or her to cheat, or not want you anymore.

You waiting for it to fail.

Honestly, this scared people the most.

the fear of loss is equivalent to the fear of love.

why would you want to love someone who one day might not love you back?