7 little things that an introvert will never tell you !


introverts are deep and really hard to understand.

They will never express some feelings , here are seven things about them they would never tell to anyone , may be these things can define a bit about them .

1. they hate crowds

being with a lot of people is out of their comfort zone.

This the reason that they feel tired and woozy with crowds .

2. they don't like small talks

yes , because of they are deep thinkers.

They like big theories and ideas .

3. they don't like networking events

because in such events , they have to be connected with others and they have to struggle to listen right things , attentively .

4. they force themselves to act like they like you

yes , this is a nasty truth.

To survive , we have to be nice and avoid it.

but it is a great struggle because being nice can be harder than being real .

5. they like to write things out

they like to write more than talks.

Because , it helps them to get what they need without interruptions.

And when it comes to interruptions , it takes more energy to get back on the track .

6. they feel safe with the right people

Introverts feel safe with right people , even they are ready to fight for them.

But it is a bit hard for them to find such people .

7. they can do extrovert things for a while

they can be at a very good level for a while but internally they are full of ideas , even at point of time.

knowing that the end of the day they the can go home .

these were the seven things that introvert people deal with.

please share your ideas!

vaishali tyagi .