5 Myths about Orgasms. Solved.


These myths, Have been un-mystified by ME!

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1. Women can't have orgasms


Bold face lie.

If you think of our anatomy, women are the only ones who have a body part solely dedicated to sex.

Its called your clitoris, and it's an amazing little bugger.

We can have orgasms, real, big AMAZING orgasms.

2. Women can't ejaculate

Yes we can!

Say it with me now!

Yes we can.

Although not all women can ejaculate, and not all women ejaculate the same way we can do it, it is possible.

The most common is squirting, I'm pretty sure we've all heard about this if you didn't already know prostatic-specific antigen or PSA is an enzyme produced by the female prostate and is associated with 'true' female ejaculate.

So no you're not peeing.

You're actually ejactulating, unless you are peeing then...you suck...


unless he or she likes it then pee away...

3. the only way to reach an orgasm is clitoral stimulation.

This has actually taken a long time to understand Freud started questioning this.

But multiple stimulation works, and singular stimulation works.

It depends on Y O U.

Some women can get off from Clitoral only some women cant it depends.

4. women shouldn't have to reach an orgasm every time they have sex.

You deserve an orgasm you go through your period.

He gets to cum, you deserve multiple orgasms, and that's utterly and completely possible.

And you should be able to do it.

5. We cant have more then one

You can have as many as possible.

Really you can, women can have as MANY as we want.

Honestly, the most i've ever had was six and I passed out.

(God Bless you wherever you are) Overall women should have orgasms.

If you aren't putting in the work.

Well you don't deserve one either!