6 Trends that need to stay in 2015


1. hollister Eyebrows

Just go on youtube and look up eyebrow tutorials, do I really need to say more?

2. Creepy contour

I just...

please keep scrolling..nod scroll and dont do it again

3. Over done lips

Can we #KylieJenner and #thekyliejennerchallenge, I think your face is meant for the proportions that are given.

Your lips fit your face perfectly.

I know your looking at my profile pic like, she doesn't know the struggle of having thin lips.

Let me tell you something #plumplips haven't always been trendy or sexy.

I've had to grow up being called whale lips and anything of the like.

This made me appreciate what I already had on my face.

in 2016 can we learn to appreciate what we already have:)

4. Over done eyelashes

Now i love eyelashes I am #teameyelash!

i think i have more mascara then I have friends and I actually bought my first pair of mink lashes recently and I L O V E it.

But there are dramatic lashes and there are overly done lashes, Know the difference, and lets save a face in 2016 :)

5. Extensions that aren't done well

I am currently writing, the Complete Guide to wigs, weaves, clip ins, and every other extensions.

which i will hopefully be phasing into this blog and it can teach/show everyone what I have learned over years of mishaps and misshapen hairstyles.

But for now.

lets work hard on trying to make sure your hair matches evenly and if its short it cascades and layers itself.

Don't look like a lawn mower has done its deed with your hair.

6. Sideline trend

In the near future, I might tell you a story about my sideline phase.

But even that phase in my life, is better then what i see going on now.

You aren't Olivia he's not Fitz.

Find your own man or woman who will love you and you, only.

You'll appreciate it.