What's Your Bag Personality? It's Time to Find Out!


1. large handbag

This is for the girl who loves to feel organised, neat and tidy at all times, knowing that everything in being kept in it's rightful place.

The extra good news?

It comes with a couple of handy interior compartments to meet this particular need.

On top of that, it's a decent size to hold all those daily essentials!

2. backpack

This is for the girl who loves to feel youthful yet fashionable, and chooses comfort over extravagant style.

She likes to know that her belongings are safe, but also that she is able to get on with her daily routine without worrying about it getting it way or weighing down her shoulder.

3. tote / duffel

This is for the restless and wanderlust girl who's always on the move, travels and changes location more often than not.

She generally needs to take a lot with her wherever she goes since she never knows where she's going to end up or for how long!

4. clutch

This is for the girl who only takes the essentials with her, and that's why the small size of a clutch is so handy!

On top of this, she can feel elegant, classy and sophisticated all in one.

It's a statement piece which expresses her approach to fashion.

5. satchel / messenger

This is for the girl who adores practicality and needs plenty of room for all her papers, folders and books needed for important classes, meetings and study sessions.

A simple design and colour keeps it as a subtle addition by her side.

6. hobo

This is for the 'goldilocks' who needs a bag to be just the right size, not too big and not too small.

She needs something bigger than a handbag but smaller than a tote, so a hobo bag is perfect.

It has plenty of room for her daily essentials as well as for larger items that are handy to have on the go!

7. bucket

This is for the girl who likes to leave the house in the morning with piece of mind that her belongings are safe and nothing is left poking out the top, which the convenient tie-top provides.

A solid block colour gives the bag a stylish and classy feel, which she also desires.

8. cross body

This is for the girl who likes to feel modern and fashionable, yet the small size means she knows how to be practical.

She's creative, daring and take fashion risks such as wearing her bag an alternative way to everyone else.

9. shopper

This is for the girl who's constantly shopping and needs a bag with great depth so she can toss purchases inside and still have room for plenty more!

Even better, it's very handy for those spontaneous shopping trips.

10. small handbag

This is for the girl who wants simplicity and doesn't like to draw too much attention to her bag.

She only takes what she needs for the day and the long, thin strap and small size keeps it nice and light on the shoulder.