Dealing with anger while parenting


Many mothers often look forward to being a parent. However, within no time the little bundle of joy grows from being an adorable helpless little cutie to a mischievous and annoying ball of energy by the time they get to the age of two and its downhill from there on. It is not unusual to get angry at or around your kids as a mother. The only problem is that when it happens too often, you start feeling as if you do not like your children or the children start feeling like you do not like them.

1. How to make your children safe when angry

When you get angry, children feel like they lose their sense of safety and security. This is because the mother is the go to person when the world seems too dangerous or insecure; it is very horrifying for the child when the mother is the source of danger because they have no one else to go to. If you get angry in front of your children, you need to work it out and deal with the source of anger for the sake of your children; you should take a break from your kids until you can manage the feeling.

2. Dealing with the cause of anger

There are many factors that can cause a mother to get angry. One of the biggest causes of anger is that parenting is not easy and there are many challenges that come up. The anger could also stem from outside the home, at work or with friends and ends up being dragged back into the house. Sometimes, you can handle it well and sometimes it gets out of control, especially when you shriek at your children, curse at them or get physically abusive.

It is crucial to understand that anger is a mixture of different emotions from depression, stress, guilt, disappointed to frustration. Understanding the cause of the anger can help you do something about it once and for all. If you get angry often, there may be something wrong with your life. Everyone goes through challenges so it does not mean that you are a bad parent. You may need to get help from a professional.

3. Approaching difficult situations

โ€ข When your child misbehaves, you feel the need to show them who is boss and this can cause you to shout at them or punish them. You should instead understand that the child is upset or unable to manage their emotions properly and handle the situation from that angle.

โ€ข You should get to know yourself better so you can identify the signals that show your anger is building out of control and handle the situation before you explode.

โ€ข Find the most relaxing thing to do like taking a cup of tea, a walk or a warm bubble bath and do this when you are angry to calm down.

4. If you canโ€™t stop yourself from getting angry

If you cannot stop yourself from getting angry, there may be underlying factors that you cannot deal with on your own. There is no shame in getting professional help if you want to be a better parent to your child. You can get addiction help to help you deal with the causative factors to your anger.

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