How to Get the Most Out of Your Gym Membership



Remember the episode of Friends when Ross helps Chandler end his gym membership because he says he does not want β€œa washboard stomach and rock hard pecs,” but instead opts for β€œa flabby gut and saggy man breasts”? Well, that is the philosophy behind a modern gym membership in a nutshell – most people think that it is enough to simply have one and not actually visit the gym. That is why those who have this membership without using it have Chandler’s flabby gut, while those who work out frequently are equipped with rock hard pecs. If you are looking forward to maximizing your gym membership, here are several ways to do so and some advice that might help you achieve your goals.

2. A Gym far, far away

The most important thing is to find a gym that you will definitely be able to visit at least three times a week. This means that it has to be close to your home or work and not require a long commute. The gym’s location and, more importantly, its distance from your home is what the majority of gym enthusiasts consider to be an important factor when determining the frequency of their visits. In short, it all comes down to motivation – the further you have to go, the weaker your motivation is. If your gym is right around the corner, it will be easier for you to find time to work out and there will be nothing stopping you from going to the gym more frequently.


4. Focus on Specific Groups of Muscles

Once you determine your tempo and decide how often you wish to work out, the first thing you need to do is figure out why you are going to the gym. Is it to lose weight, get buffed, build specific muscles or just stay in shape? Depending on this, you should consult a personal trainer and get professional advice on which types of exercises you ought to focus on. For example, if you are interested in having a leaner body, sticking to cardio – treadmill, stationary bike and rowing – should do the trick, if scheduled properly. Those who, on the other hand, want to build muscles, opt for a more precise program full of heavy weights and dumbbells. These regimes are not recommended to those hoping to become stronger, or women trying to stay fit, because these groups require a particular set of exercises. Therefore, only by specifying what your final goal is will you be able to make your time spent in the gym purposeful and make the most out of your membership.

5. Help Yourself

When adapting to a workout routine, it is important to get all the help you can get – from motivation to a proper eating regimen. There is no use visiting the gym three or four times a week if you repeat certain mistakes over and over and are secretly gorging on sweets, soda drinks and fast food. That is not just counterproductive, but plainly stupid. This is why you need to select the foods you eat carefully and add as much fruit, vegetables and lean meat as possible. Eating properly will give you strength, energy and inspiration to continue working out. Moreover, many people include trustworthy gym supplements, such as Legion Forge, in their daily diet because they boost motivation and provide more visible results.

6. Be the Best You Can Be

A little known fact is that seniors visit the gym more frequently, but the reason is quite simple: they appreciate their time and want to get the best value for their money. So, unless you want a Chandler-like type of body, join a gym and get the most out of your membership.