7 Men you should never date


Girls must be cautious in the matter of who they ought to trust with their souls.

Fortunately, men are incredible at giving flags that you ought to set out toward the slopes.

If you happen to see any one of these guys coming towards you, tie your laces and RUN AWAY...!

1. MEn who can not express themselves well

This type can make you feel very useless.

They will never tell you their feelings and you will struggle all your life to know what they really think of you.

You will eventually die but never be able to hear "I love you" from them in a proper manner.

Your dates will have no element of excitement in them and monotony will be your relationship's companion for life.

So a big NO for the men who can not let out their true feelings.

2. Men who are Self obsessed

These guys are big dicks!!!

very stupid and can make your life hell.

These are the guys who only talk about themselves, praise their own self and #ILOVEMYSELF type.

They are so full of themselves that they do not need you in their life.

You should not be there where you are not needed, so get away.

3. Men who keep their options open

These men say they are for you.

They may even let you know that they love you.

But they say it to many girls at a time.

Their focus is not on you but on their relationship with you or for that matter with any girl.

With the right fellow there are no alternatives, there are just connections.

What's more, sound relationships can advance when the emphasis is on one individual.

Come on girls you should not be an option for guys but the answer.

4. highly spiritual men

Too much of everything is bad.

This type is too virtuous and spiritual.

For them life is just a matter of right and wrong.

This is a type, which you are most likely to fall for.

These men visit the church or temple a lot and daily read spiritual texts.

He is so engrossed in the spiritual texts that he forgets to love the jesus in you.

Life should be a mixture of sweet and spice.

These type of men can make you feel like a nun.

5. Materialistic rich fools

This type has a LOT LOT AND LOT of money, but money can not buy you happiness, can it?

They just have the materialistic view of life and measure everything on the scales of money and status.

If you are less than them, they will treat you like a mere object.

If you are more than them, they will use you like a flight of stairs.

So never go for them.

Life is a lot more than just material.

6. no commitment, please

These are the guys who never want any sort of responsibility.

They feel that relationships are permanent chains.

You can really not depend on such men who are so afraid of commitments as you never know when they might just fly.

They make lame excuses to avoid any type of bondage and they will have enough of you very soon.

When they will feel that you are no more interesting they will leave you and go without prior notice.

They are Vagabonds who can never settle down with one girl.

7. "Hi, .. Lets have s*x" guy

These are the guys who get in to relationships just to get physical.

This guys are the most dangerous ones as they are very skilled in their behavior with girls.

They appear really interested in you and it seems as if they really love you, but the truth is that they always have their real motive behind their every action.

they just focus on what they can get from you.

If a guy admires about your hair, your skin or your lips in the first few meetings that means his intentions are not right.

Keep away from such douche bags!!!