How to get motivated again


1. Clean up and clean out

If your feeling unmotivated, its probably because you don't respect your environment and you need a fresh start. The best thing to do is to rearrange your living space, throw out the old, and buy some new. This doesn't mean go all out and redo your whole apartment, but buy a couple of new things to bring your place to life again.

2. Change your diet

If you want to become more motivated, you need to change your diet because you probably (like me) have something unhealthy to eat and then think 'oh its ok ill just change my diet tomorrow' and nothing ever happens. First off, you don't need to change your entire diet, but just limit those sugary, fatty and unhealthy foods that weigh you down and make you feel guilty. To become motivated again, you can't feel guilty and let anything weigh you down. Start eating more super foods such as strawberries, chia seeds, açai, spinach, almonds and goji berries. The best way to stop eating unhealthy foods, and although it may seem strange, is to talk to your food. Say 'are you going to help me reach my weight goal' or 'are you benefiting me in any way?'. If the answer is no, don't eat it.

3. Do exercise

Exercising will definitely make you feel more motivated to go out and do things with your life. Start by doing some light yoga, running, biking, or anything that you enjoy and will help you cleanse your body and get rid of all those toxins

4. Set yourself goals

The best way to get motivated is to set yourself some realistic goals. First set your goals then make your goals public. Hang your goals around your apartment/house so they are always around you and so you don't lose sight of what you really want. Plot your progress of how your goal is going, and give yourself rewards along the way to keep you motivated.