15 Changes to Make If You Want to be a Truly Happy Person


Happiness comes from within and there's no denying it.

But sometimes we don't realise that we might be killing our own happiness, in more ways than one.

If you are suffering from any bouts of sadness, here are 15 simple changes you could introduce in your life, to be happy.

1. Stop procrastinating and start doing

You might have a goal or dream, which you think about all the time, but thinking too much leads to procrastination.

Leave the laziness behind and just do it instead of delaying it.

Sometimes, now is the right time.

2. Plan and prepare

To achieve anything in life, we need to plan and prepare.

So make sure you set out a plan and prepare yourself for the worst.

This will help you achieve your task successfully and be truly happy.

3. Be grateful

Be grateful to the people who contribute in every way, in your life.

Acknowledging their efforts and appreciating them will leave you happier than you expected to be.

A simple thank you can actually be quite satisfying and will surely bring in happiness.

4. Introspect on what makes you truly happy

To be truly happy you need to know of what makes you happy.

Work on that instead of following someone else's version of happiness.

5. Take care of your body

Treat your body as a temple and take care of it.

A healthy body will help you go a long way in life.

Physical fitness is an important aspect of happiness, which we tend to ignore.

6. Let go of the bad habits

Replace your bad habits with good ones, which will help you move forward.

Avoid being lazy, if you like indulging in smoking and drinking, ensure it's done in moderation so that you are fit enough to pursue your happiness.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle will truly benefit you.

7. Stop arguing

Arguing is an activity that takes up a lot of your energy.

But healthy arguing is good to keep the mind active.

Make sure you know why you are arguing.

If you think it's to prove yourself as one up, then stop.

8. Enjoy the little moments

Sometimes the smallest things bring the biggest joys.

So make sure you notice the small things and enjoy the little moments that bring true happiness.

9. Pursue your passion

You passion might not bring you money, but it surely will bring you happiness and satisfaction.

So pursue your passion, if you have the opportunity to.

10. Forget the past

Its human tendency to remember the bad things.

But what is more important is to learn from those negative events and move on.

11. Spend quality me time

Most people don't realise the importance of me-time.

Spending time with yourself can be rejuvenating and will help you learn more about yourself.

So try and spend quality time with yourself.

12. Focus on what you have

It is okay to fail and learn your lessons, but once you have then move on to achieve your goals.

13. Value experiences

Cultivate a habit of valuing each and every experience you have.

Experiences are more important to make you happy.

14. Stop comparing yourself

Comparing yourself will others will only make you sad.

Remember that everyone has their own problems and struggles to deal with, so stop comparing your life with someone else's.

15. Embrace change

Change is the only constant thing.

Change is something that should be accepted and embraced so that you can use it to your advantage.

When you accept change you will understand its importance and how it can make you happy.

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