How to enjoy life more โค๏ธ


If you are struggling in your life and feel like you aren't living like you

Should , read this it can help you โ˜บ๏ธ.

โ€ขGet a pet :).

Not only are they great companions they are cute & fun to be with and

Can help you have fun memories

โ€ขTake Vacations

With your friend or family members

Makes it a lot more fun & go to a

Place you've never been before it makes it more exciting.

โ€ขGet into listening to music

It relives stress and it's fun to just

Listen to sounds that make you


โ€ขFind a hobby

Do what you think is fun.


That is fun to do is your hobby !:) it

Helps you take your mind away from

Work or school or any stress


Another way to love life is exercise.

It's fun to do and it relives stress.

I swim & I always feel better my head aches go away :).

โ€ขHaving a job you like.

People say that "if you do what you love you wont work a day of your life".


โ€ข Treat yourself.

Like going to a spa,shopping or



Wheather it's at a animal shelter homeless shelter retirement home

Volunteering makes you feel good about helping others :).

And those are some ways to enjoy life more.