5 feel good songs


These are five feel good songs that make you want to cuddle up with a fluffy blanket, and some coffee and just listen to the words take you away


Cigarette daydreams by Cage the elephant is the perfect amount of feels and love, not to mention that soft beat that makes you want to smile.


Riptide by Vance Joy is actually a quite popular song, but I couldn't help but slip it in here just because it's such a gorgeous song, the lyrics are a swirl of mystery just like the unique music that fits perfectly in it.


Young folk by Peter Bjorn and John is a perfect carefree love song. This unique song will pluck at your heartstrings, the lyrics painting tons of different scenarios in your head just like Riptide does.


Armistice by Phoenix is a gorgeously written song, that just has that sound to it that makes you click the repeat button until you grow bored of it. But the name lisztomania is actually a word that means "the need to listen to music all the time" which is definitely what you want to do when it comes to this song.


Now, Yellow is a song by Coldplay. And if you have not heard of Coldplay by now? Your definitely living under a rock (or possibly off with unicorns). But anyways, the song Yellow is one of my favorites by Coldplay because it just has that. . . Sound, that feeling, that makes you smile ya' know? It makes you feel good inside.

So now it's time to hit YouTube up and give these five gorgeous songs a listen! And maybe even download and get them stuck in your head.

Because I promise they'll have you singing along and hitting the repeat button, they definitely did for me!