How to be happier on a daily basis


It's not always important to have a full smile on a daily basis.

However, there are small differences you can bring into your everyday routine to bring happiness and love

1. breathe... in and out.

Interesting right?

The fact that according to most yogis and doctors, simply breathing in and out will relieve some stress and tension of your mind.

By simply slowly inhaling and then an even slower exhale, life will seem a tad bit more controlled.

2. love yourself

It's hard as hell, I know it is.

No matter how many people or how many articles (including this one) tells you that you are beautiful and deserve to be respected and loved, it's not an easy concept to digest.

Remember, you are of divine creation.

You were brought into this world for a reason, you were meant to shine and you were meant to bring some sort of goodness.

Spend time in front of the mirror to point out your beautiful eyelashes, or the way the muscles in your face affects every inch when you smile, the way you hair is straight or curly or BROWN OR BLUE OR ANYTHING BECAUSE IT IS ALL BEAUTIFUL.

3. stop comparing.

LOL this is a big one.

I may be the hypocrite of the century for this one, but let me explain.

In order to be more content with our bodies, faces and entire beings in general, it is important to realize we must compare ourselves to our OWN SELVES of the past.

You used to get C's in high school, but in college all those hours in the library brought your grades up to an A.

This is real progress and something you should take pride in.

If however, you are constantly comparing your grades or looks with someone completely random you will never be satisfied.

There is a reason why we only experience Life as one human being during the entire course, because we must learn to better ourselves, not compare ourselves to others.

4. take care of your needs

Take that extra five minutes in the shower, maybe even buy a notebook to write down your dreams.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are absolutely beautiful (because hint: you are absolutely beautiful).

Nothing on this earth is as special to you as you are.

Remember to make yourself a priority.

That doesn't mean to become a self crazed monster LOL.

It means make yourself your number one project.

You wanna be better at writing short stories?

Take a class [at your local community college to save money] or if you think you wanna splurge on some new hair product that promises angel like hair, DO IT.

You can easily return that product if it doesn't match up to it's expectations and if it DOES work, KEEP IT AND SMILE.