5 ways to make our world a good place to live.


Sometimes I wonder what is it that makes the most powerful people fall in lives and the weaker to reach heights that they never could've once imagined.Its true that there is no alternatives to efforts and will.

Yet, there is some constant factors that can never be replaced .'Karma' is concept that I've been familiar with and something I've grown to believe stronger each passing day .I call it the boomerang effect.

so, these are the things that I concluded from my experience .

1. Be grateful

Feeling of gratitude is one of the powerful feelings to have.

It reminds you time and again things that you are happy about ,things you are happy to have , people you are happy to be with , co-workers you are happy to work with in many small and big ways you must have thought of.

Life is beautiful!

2. act with love


Didn't they say its that feeling that makes the world go around.

It indeed is!

Its your husband you fell in love with , its that job that you always loved, its that puppy who looked at you wagging its tail.

May be even that stranger one time ,who must've saved your life.

There is one thing common,love and all kinds of love .

3. check your motives

We all want to sleep better at night , somehow a fact as simple as this affects our lives in smallest ways.

Having dreams and wanting to achieve them is a great thing but have a clear motive .Let our actions never hurt anyone.

4. watch your attitude

A positive attitude is the result of a disciplined and deliberate way of seeing, thinking, and responding to life.

It is a mental discipline.

It is intentional.

A positive attitude affects you physically.

A person with a positive attitude will almost always outperform a person with a negative attitude.For example ,being in the service industry , your attitude towards the customers largely determines success of the service in the industry The reality is that you determine your attitude.

5. forgive

Want to live a long, happy life?

Forgive the unforgivable.

It really is the kindest thing you can do for yourself.Get that weight off your chest and breathe easy.

Know that everything that happened was without any malice or wrong motive in your heart.

Its the toughest yet the most liberating feeling ,ladies.

These are five jewels that I've known it to have existed and believed strongly.

One thing I remember from my youngest days from school is the Newton's third law of motion 'For every action there is equal and opposite reaction' .I guess he made a discovery far greater than science.

what are your thoughts about karma ,Ladies?

Have you ever believed in it?

or do you think these things matter enough in our lives?

Leave a comment and let me hear you out!