7 Things that you need to Know about Nootropic Drugs


Ever wondered if there was a way to improve the way your brain works? It may seem like science fiction straight out of a big-budget hollywood movie (Lucy or Limitless) but there is some research that points us in the direction of a new variety of pills that promise just that. .

Nootropics are compounds that promise to vastly improve cognitive functions in people who take them regularly. They’ve been around for decades but the attention they have been getting has steadily increased in the past few years. Now labeled β€œsmart drugs”, the nootropics are becoming part of a movement towards biohacking that is gradually gaining steam around the world.

1. What are Nootropics?

Think of the term as a name for a group of compounds that promise to enhance cognition. They are focused exclusively on improving the activities of the brain. Dr.Corneliu E.Giurgea, a Romanian chemist and psychologist, is credited with coining the term. He thought of the compounds as being able to bend the mind into better shape.

2. How to Improving Brain Health?

There are always ways you can improve your mental abilities. Some are more widely accepted, such as getting enough sleep, solving puzzles, learning new languages and meditating. But research has been very positive on the use of nootropics for increased cognitive functions. There are many varieties of the drugs commercially available in most countries and they promise to do everything from improving focus to helping you smell more sensitively.

3. What are the Most Effective Nootropic Stacks?

Simply put, the stacks are variation on compounds that help with different mental abilities. There are some that are considered the most effective. Creatine, for example, has been used for ages to improve performance in sports. There is Theanine that can make you more focused and alert, Passionflower that helps with anxiety and DHA that can prevent psychiatric disorders and improve memory. Another one is Neuroflexyn, which helps with the stamina of the mind..

So what are the top 7 reasons you should try these brain enhancers? .

1) They help with mental abilities such as focus and concentration.

2) They cut the pressure and stress you feel.

3) Memory is boosted to a great degree.

4) There is now evidence to suggest people who take these enhancers may be improving their intelligence. The average smartness is upped significantly with these miracle pills.

5) As mentioned before, some of these compounds improve physical abilities as well as mental ones. The Creatine mentioned above has the ability to up physical endurance and energy.

6) Often we are at the mercy of our moods. These supplements can help balance out the way we feel for most of the day and help us do more by reducing the time we waste on our moods.

7) The single best reason to adopt these enhancers is that, unlike a lot of other meds, these enhancers come without any harmful effects. They are made entirely from natural stuff and do not have the tendency to make you addicted to them. When you think about it, we alter the way our mind functions when we have cigarettes and coffee, which are both really addictive, then why not try natural supplements that promise to do no harm whatsoever?

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