What's it like being in a relationship



It's not about finding the perfect boy and/or girl. There no such thing as a perfect relationship. Its about finding that Imperfect boy/girl that's what makes it imperfect.

2. Learning to love yourself

Learning to love yourself is the key of a beautiful relationship or at least healthy relationship. You'll stop putting your self esteem in people hands that really don't care about you.


Once the fake friends or the wrong people start to leave, you'll be able who stayed with you to see the real you. The right boy/girl will love you for you and not for what anybody want you to be.

4. find the one that's right for you

Never be in that relationship with a person you could never like or that's not right for you. It will show you later in life that he wasn't really into you he was just into your looks or butt or boobs. Same with guys, girls will fall in love with their looks not personality. Choose the right guy/girl that you could relate to.

5. sTARING contact

Try looking into each other eyes and if you guy's smile or have that feeling, that should mean you really like each other.

6. fights

Yes, there is going to be fights at one point for some other reason but at the end of the day you guys will still have each other. But it has Trust, faith, loyalty, tears, pain, ETC

7. Songs that helps me

Nightingale By Demi Lovato In Case By Demi Lovato Don't Give Up On Us By Adrienne Bailon Amnesia By 5 Seconds Of Summer Gotta Be You By One Direction Last First Kiss by One Direction (anything by one direction) What If by Adrienne Bailon Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeren you don't have to listen to all the songs I've listed but at least listen to 1 or 2 songs of it. In Case, Nightingle, Thinking out loud, Amnesia will remind me of a certain person.