Good places to visit in London!


The London eye is good if you want to see a lot of London in one day!

It takes 30 mins to go round and I highly recommend it.

If you are wanting to get around quick, easy and cheep then the Underground is just for you.

If you are wanting to travel out of London while you are there then the trains at Kings cross are cheek, quick and easy to get.

They run on time and all the people are so helpful.

The busses are also another way I recommend to get around London.

These are also quick, easy and very cheap.

You can see a lot of London and on these it is like sight seeing on the move!

Also in the picture there is Big Ben and that is also a very beautiful building to see not far from there are there Houses of Parliament, Buckingham palace and west minister abbey!

This is a restaurant I would highly recommend too it the Blue Bird in Chelsea!

There is lovely food and the people are lovely who work there too.