Women's Vest Buying Guide


To be a modern and stylish #woman with complete head-to-toe look, adding a women's vest to your arsenal of outfits is definitely a must.

Yes, plain t-shirts, blouses, sweaters, jeans and skirts are awesome too, but way more stylish when accented with a fashionable vest.

In other words, it is like adding the cherry on top of the cake.

So, if you want to look fabulous, but you still haven't chosen your favorite vest that will spice your wardrobe up, take a look at this simple women's vest buying guide.

Source: http://condura.com.au/apparel/vests-34/

1. Seazon

Different season, different vest style.

As simple as that.

There is a bulk of choices, thus match your vest (material and design) with weather conditions (season).

For example, winter vests give a convenient layer of warmth and more space for motion, compared to traditional jackets.

2. Design

This is the part of the whole โ€œvest buying storyโ€ where you will be spoilt for choice.

Womens #vests come in so many different designs, styles and colors, that sometimes it is hard to make up your mind.

But, to help yourself in making the buying decision regarding design, think of the following: what type of person you are, what #clothing style you prefer and where/what you will use you vest for.

Here is a simple template you can follow: - Sporty Style: quilted polyfill or leather vest;

- Feminine (Romantic) Style: lace or floral print;

- Classic Style: knitted vest;

- Hippie style: crochet or fringed vest Also, choosing the right design can depend on your profession.

For example, if you are a photographer, a hunter or some other type of outdoor enthusiast, look for a vest that is specially designed (featured) with special pockets that will fit your working tools and equipment.

3. Size

Women's vests vary according to different body types too.

Thus, if you are a busty woman, avoid wearing vests made out of heavy and stiff fabrics, as they will make your torso look bigger.

Instead, look for thinner fabric vests that will give you a figure-flattering look.

On the other hand, if you have small torso, choose a vest that will enhance your figure, especially in the chest area.