Organizing/maintaining your busy life


Organizing your life can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be. Here are 4 fixes to your busy life problem.

1. Don't overbook

If you know you have things going on don't say you can be somewhere you can't. Try to give yourself some time in between, and be responsible. Know how long things will take and be reasonable.

2. Have your schedule at your fingertips

Carry a small calendar or have it on your phone to prevent overbooking

3. Make a plan

If you go into things, not knowing what you're going to do, chances are: you might mess up. It's more efficient of you plan things out.

4. Keep in mind what is more important

If there's a choice, keep in mind what the better one will be. Choose the one that you should do, don't overplate with stuff you don't need. Clear the less important things.

Hoped you liked it and that these 4 tips can help you lead a more efficient and organized life. LuvπŸ’•