Daughters of Mother Earth


Not long ago I found a piece of college-ruled paper tucked carefully in between the pages of an issue of Cosmo that had been sitting in a friends neglected living room furniture for who-knows-how-many years. The issue itself was over 5 years old and neither it nor the entombed note within yielded any clues as to the authors actual identity, but upon this single page was written an entry- a two paragraph long response (to what was likely a college-prep assignment) that neatly and concisely conveyed what this young person was conceiving they might plan the upcoming stage of their life around.

When I finished, the youth's short, sweet and simple essay suddenly resonated with something inside me like a powerful and moving piano chord. In that moment I felt (and am still compelled to believe) that what I had just stumbled upon was absolutely meant to awaken me to buried ambition. Truly awe-struck was I that something appearing to me so unexpectedly had transformed from mundane or inconsequential teenage schoolwork to profound inspiration in one wonderful moment of purpose-filled relation.

I was captured and made to kneel before the purity and raw beauty of: "Helping people, mainly children, physically and emotionally." written just after: "I do not know where to begin. I am so extremely passionate about many things."

...To me, she had found the most noble and, dare I say- *perfect* place to begin despite her honest feelings of being overwhelmed. Such a splendid and beautiful thing- that which unknowingly evokes and creates above and beyond itself. To declare an interest in a goal so worthy when faced with times of doubt and uncertainty is the essence of life and hope.

Now, why do I imagine the author as a girl all of a sudden? I might reasonably think it because of the exceptionally neat handwriting. Or perhaps it was the obvious Cosmo facade concealing such a pure dose of compassion and empathy that made me think only a chick would be inclined to write sentiments such as these and stick them in a 'zine about fashion, sex, health & relationships. Those are likely justifications but they are not the most important reason why I choose to write about my encounter. To me, this author is almost certainly a girl; Women have always been the greatest of empaths and healers. They are the strongest and most powerful vessels for compassion and the bringers of a nurturing force that has literally carried life this far into time. Women may not be the sole proprietors of altruistic attitudes but I believe Mother Earth's daughters are meant to be harbingers of recovery and growth in this era of humanity. tubfdhbv cfsonsteadily suffocated.

A girl's capacity and predisposition for love and understanding alone sets the standard for those that wish to do good by and serve others in the greatest ways possible. I am immeasurably grateful for the presence of each of you . <3